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5th Risca Celebrates 75 Years!
07/07/2020 By Rhys Bennett

This year we have two big anniversaries to celebrate – 50 years since our Scout hut in Risca was built, in its current location, and 75 years since 5th Risca was set up.

We had planned to celebrate these milestones by having a party where we wanted to bring together past and present Scouters but COVID-19 put a stop to that!  Hopefully this can be rescheduled for the future.

To mark these important occasions, we have invested in our building and the Scouts were tasked with coming up with ideas for a design which will be painted onto the large shipping container outside the hut.  Our outside space is going to be further enhanced by some fruit trees that will be planted, which offers the perfect opportunity to bury a time capsule!

A 75th anniversary badge has also been given to all our leaders and young people which can be proudly worn on our neckers. 

Finally, I have also spent many hours creating a digital archive of all the photos and memorabilia so that these memories can be shared with everyone and kept for future years.  This work is ongoing and I hope to present this on our website soon; if you have any photos or memories you would like to be added then please get in touch ( 

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We hiked to the moon!!!
27/04/2020 By Rhys Bennett

Never have we been prouder of our 5th Risca family!

During the COVID-19 lockdown, our wonderful 5th Risca family have pulled together and have done something truly remarkable! Together with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and volunteers from across the UK, 5th Risca put on our trainers and our hiking boots and went out for a walk of at least 1 mile as our contribution of The Scout Association's 'Hike to the moon' which was supported by astronaut Tim Peek! Some of us managed to get our videos in before the deadline, and so we have put a little compilation together. 

This wasn't just for fun, there was a serious point to it. Whilst this lockdown is happening, many support charities are struggling for funds to keep some of their key services operating, and so Children in Need and Comic Relief pulled together for a BBC Big Night In, and we as Scouts were mentioned on it. We have raised almost £300,000 as a Scout movement in the UK.

5th Risca have collected £104 to date. If you'd like to donate to the Big Night In via 5th Risca's efforts to Hike to the Moon please donate here:

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Terri Wiltshire appointed as Assistant GSL
27/03/2019 By Rhys Bennett

It is with great joy that I announce that I have appointed Terri Wiltshire to be Assistant Group Scout Leader at 5th Risca. Her appointment to that role has also been approved by our District Commissioner.

5th Risca have seen growth year-on-year for the past few years, and at this year’s census had its highest number of youth members in 14 years. On top of that, as our hall is in a state of dire disrepair, I am having to spend increasing amounts of my time working as a 5th Risca representative to the Ty Sign Hall charity.

Our Scout troop has recently moved to a Tuesday evening, and with the impending retirement of Mark Carpenter as our Scout Leader, we are seeking to support a new team to work with our Scouts. This will require a tremendous amount of support over the coming months, which I cannot do alone!

Terri has done an amazing job as our Beaver Scout Leader, and will continue to undertake that role. By the end of next week she will have completed her training in that role. In the past year she has become a Nights Away permit holder, as well as qualifying to supervise Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions. She is married to John, our Group Secretary, and is mother to Charlie (Scout) and Bronwyn (Cub). They also have a dog called ‘Scout’ which shows just how dedicated to Scouting the whole family are!

Thank you Terri for all that you’ve done so far for 5th Risca, and I wish you well in this new role! Thanks for taking on the challenge!


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Hike To The Moon
21/04/2020 By Rhys Bennett

Struggling for something to do during the lockdown? Want to do something that keeps your Scouting values going whilst also having some fun and keeping fit?

The Scouts have partnerned with BBC's Big Day In and Big Night In this Thursday (23rd April) to have a virtual 'Hike to the Moon'. 23rd April is a really important day for us every year in The Scouts as this is St George's Day. St George is the Patron Saint of Scouts!!! So every year we renew our promises and have a big celberation of Scouting, usually on the nearest Sunday. This year, we are doing something different as a national organisation and are supporting Comic Relief and Children In Need for the Big Day In and Big Night In.

Together with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers from across the UK, the plan is simple: Hike 1 mile inside your house or using your allocated exercise for the day, and when put together we will have hiked enough miles as Scouts in the UK to have hiked all the way to the moon!!

To put it into perspective, this is roughly 20 minutes of walking on the spot or continually walking around the house. 

Here is a message about this from our own Chief Scout, Bear Grylls:

Our Scout Leader, Skip, would love to put a video together of 5th Risca participating in the Hike To The Moon, and so please do make sure that you are wearing your 5th Risca necker and take a photo or video  and send it through to by 5pm Thursday and we will get it complied and published on our Social Media! 

Here is more information about the Hike To The Moon, together with some cool Lunar themed activities as an alternative. 


Whilst you are filming, we have got another video that we would love you to take part in:

  • Necker challenge - This simply involves having someone off-camera throwing a necker towards our Beaver, Cub or Scout, and then they throw it off camera in the opposite direction. Here is an example: (You might want to make this a little more interesting by adding a 'Necker flip' into it, where you kick the necker off your foot and catch it straight onto your head. Here is an example. Just don't forget to still have the necker being thrown in and back out!)


If you could get the Necker challenge video to us by 5pm Friday we can then put that video together seperately. 


With both of these videos, here are a couple of handy tips:

  • Film in landscape - phone on its side
  • Don’t zoom on your phone/tablet – move the camera closer instead!
  • Make sure it’s well lit
  • Keep the camera steady


Lets show the world what 5th Risca have been doing in lockdown!

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Thank you to those of you who have responded to our snap poll on Facebook which we also emailed to you all earlier in the week. The results are in and attached to this email. As you will see, the majority of parents were happy to continue paying £10 a month subscriptions during this temporary postponement of face-to-face activities. 

However, the Executive Committee are keen not to leave anyone behind during this, and want to ensure that we are looking after each other as a 5th Risca Scout Family. 45% of the responses were for some form of reduction in subscriptions, which highlights that we need to act to ensure that we are supporting a sizeable proportion of our members during this time and doing what we can to continue their membership of the organisation. We have therefore taken the decision to implement a temporary drop in subscriptions to £8 per month. The OSM direct debit schedules have been updated and so no action is required of you. The subscriptions will revert to £10 a month once we are back to face-to-face Scouting.

There are still some people who are going to struggle with this, and so can we please reiterate... if you are going to have difficulty maintaining the subscription payment for your child(ren) please do get in touch with either of us, or with Becky our Group Chair or indeed your elected Executive Committee members. We can look to support families on a case-by-case basis.

With that in mind, a large proportion of you were happy to continue to pay the full subscriptions to the group during this time, and so could we suggest that if you are indeed keen to pay the full £10, that you make a payment of £2 to our PayPal account ( This will in turn allow us to support families who come to us for further support with their subscription payments. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Scouting during this time. These are unprecedented times, and we need to look out for one another. Please do utilise our Facebook group to keep in touch with one another (5th Risca Scouts - Parents).

Many thanks

Gareth Tanswell and Terri Wiltshire

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