Beavers Badge Progress

At 5th Risca, we aim to provide our Young People with a balanced programme, touching on each of the programme zones set by The Scout Association.

We have found that the best way of doing this is by concentrating on 1 Challenge Badge at at time as a section. Once your child has completed all 6 of the Challenge Awards and a further 4 Activity Badges, they can achieve the highest award for Beavers, the Chief Scout's Bronze Award.

Although we would love for everyone to achieve this top award, it requires hard work both from the leader and the young person, and absences will result in young people not hitting crucial criteria necessary to achieve awards. We aim that at least 50% of our young people should achieve their Chief Scout's Bronze Award before moving on to Cubs. 

Here you can see how the young people in our section are progressing towards their Chief Scout's Bronze Award:

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